Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jah Plucks

When Mrs The Millbrooker and I arrived home last night after our adventures in the east (see post below), I almost went headlong into the hallway having caught my foot on an unexpected obstacle in the porch. This very porch, in fact. Except it was dark.

It was a parcel, wrapped in what seemed to be a black dustbin liner; about 2 foot 6 long, a 8 inches or so wide and 5 inches deep. Addressed to Jah Cousteau.

We're kind of accustomed to all sorts of mysterious objects arriving for the young fellow; he's always buying something or other on line with which to equip himself for his forthcoming 14 month voyage aboard the Grayhound.

This one was the first I've actually fallen over, though. So it did attract my attention.

Later on, Jah Cousteau himself arrived home after spending some of his day aboard the Grayhound helping out with preparations for setting sail in the summer and he decided to open his new personal chattel in the living room with Mrs The Millbrooker and me as a willing audience.

Jah Cousteau has been borrowing Mrs The Millbrooker's old guitar for a few weeks now as he teaches himself the rudiments of plinking and plucking. But now he has his own.

Odd looking thing, isn't it? The guitar's quite strange too. It's a travel guitar (a Washburn, for the curious amongst you) - full size neck so the playing technique isn't altered, but a small body to allow easy transportation - it fits into an overhead locker aboard an aeroplane, for example.

In Jah's quarters aboard the lugger that will be his home for over year, space will be at a premium. So a travel guitar seems to fit the bill perfectly. It's got a rather nice and surprisingly full sound, too. Certainly loud enough to accompany a bit of singing in a normal sized room.

Nice buy, say I.

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