Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Brie & Grape Party

On the 04th of November, we hosted the third Brie & Grape party. Pictured is the ceremonial cutting of the brie, fresh from stinking out our fridge for the previous week and a bit.

We bought the brie in our local branch of Le Clerc in Carhaix Plouguer, Brittany - so it stunk the car out on the way home as well.

A highly enjoyable evening was had by all (well, I enjoyed myself) and there was only one political argument; not bad for our household!

A memorable moment came when our good friend, Don, was berating me for protecting workers rights as a union rep which degenerated into a good old heated discussion about whether Thatcher was a "good thing" or not. Don told us that she was essential to this country as life in the 70s had been dire "awful", and it was all the workers' fault. He told us that it had been dreadful in St Albans, to which our friend, Keith, riposted that he should have seen what it became like in Yorkshire after Thatcher's election. It loses something in the telling, but I found it all immensely amusing. Mind you, it was the early hours of the morning and the wine had been flowing freely.

Don had his revenge on my baiting him that night on the following Tuesday. I had lost my voice with a horrid bug and had to sit silently as he held forth on the many subjects close to his heart, and quite deliberately slipped in a few comments about how poorly Castro has run Cuba. (I'm no expert on Cuban politics, but I believe they have full employment, a tremendous healthcare system and free education for all - not bad for a developing country).

On the next weekend, we had another do...this time a jewellery party...see the next thrilling instalment.

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thdonwood said...

You failed to mention the Buena Vista Social Club in your defense of Castro's Cuba. One of their best exports together with Rum & Cigars. Honestly after nearly 50 years of total authority he should not need to schmooze that other idiot Chavez for a cheap oil deal to keep his rackety economy going!