Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elaine's Jewellery Party

Here are some of the assembled throng. Chrissie, on the extreme left, is pictured before the removal of her Nora Batty leggings. Nicky is lying back and enjoying a foot massage from Elaine who not only makes jewellery and ceramics for sale but is a qualified aromatherapist and masseuse (no smutty jokes, please). Councillor Lewis is seen slurring to Kevin and Cousin Dave is next, sitting in the middle position of the sofa. Lynny's legs are just visible, and Gay has pole position above the date tag.

Elaine does these parties as part of how she makes a living and Cousin Dave is often on hand to help out. Elaine's stuff is really very high quality, and if there's anyone actually readin the nonsense I put onto this blog who fancies holding a similar do (think tupperware party with attitude), I'll be happy to put you in touch with her.

The evening didn't degenerate too far even though prodigous quantities of wine were consumed. We managed to lever the stragglers out of the door by about 2am. No names about who took an enormous amount of effort to wake up and persuade that home was best, but she's married to Richie Meeson.

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