Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Little Millbrook Stage Show

I was mildly told off for taking this photo, using flash, during the performance. And quite right too - it's many a long year since I trod the boards myself but as a trained actor I remember how off-putting it can be to have a flash go off in mid-performance. My apologies to John Elworthy and Robbie Ryder pictured here.

Julie Elworthy organised the event and, I believe, wrote a lot of the scripts. All the proceeds are to be donated to BBC Children in Need. I note from the blackboard outside the D & C that somewhere around £700 has been raised. Bloody good effort, guys.

We missed most of the first half, mainly because we live in a tremendously disorganised household, but we did catch Russell Ham (he of D&C fame) giving a tremendous Welsh tenor performance and accompanying himself on the keyboard. The man has a talent.

Simon Hewlings from Millbrook News compered the evening with some aplomb. I can't remember seeing him look quite so smart before. Mind you why he would pull on a tux and black tie for his day job would be beyond me.

First up in the second half was Jo Vening (ok, ok more family interest). She gave us a couple of timeless Gershwin songs and performed pretty damned well. Especially as she's not sung publicly for at least a couple of years.

In all honesty, we were rather dreading the prospect of "Little Millbrook" sketches, but all of the cast performed with gusto and kept the audience happy. Robbie Ryder deserves a particular mention for displaying an unexpectedly high level of stagecraft and developing an excellent rapport with the audience. Mark from the D&C looked very happy in his nun's outfit. Derek Amphlett, our estimable town crier, sang lustily in the finale of "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life".

Evenings like this don't happen without a great deal of hard work. I for one would like to say thank you to all concerned.

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