Sunday, November 19, 2006

Too lazy to cook

Out to the D & C last night because neither of us could be arsed to cook.

Russell rustled up a jolly good feast for us, and we dined in isolated splendour in The Dining Room upstairs; we could have eaten in the bar but even with their ban on smoking at the bar itself it's still too smoky for eating.

Roll on next summer when the much vaunted smoking ban in enclosed public places comes into force. We'd love to enjoy a few drinks and not go home stinking of second hand tobacco smoke.

Anyway, back to the meal. I enjoyed some whitebait to start and followed with a very decent rump steak (Russell can cook a mean blue steak, although he was worried that he might overcook it). Nicky had some yummy garlic mushrooms and followed with a very delicious pork shank. Along with two pints each and a bottle of wine and coffee the whole shebang set us back a meagre £42.00. How do they do it?

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