Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Roast

Shortly after the excitement of the air ambulance flying in (see below), we had guests for Sunday lunch. In the photo, from L to R, are Rosemary (Nicky's step-mother), Lizzie and Harry (Rosemary's stud muffin). We enjoyed one of my better roasts with a decent joint of beef, butternut squash, courgettes with garlic and roasted cumin-coated potatoes. Yummy, even if I do say so myself. The 1997 Pauillac has to be drunk now, so we quaffed a bottle of that before moving on to less expensive fare. The remaining half dozen bottles will be gone over the coming festive season.
We were highly honoured to be allowed to meet Lizzie's new squeeze whose name is Russell. He's studying Environmental Science (or something similar) at Plymouth Uni and seems to be a pleasant enough young chap. Doesn't say much, but I guess it's a bit intimidating meeting us for the first time when you're still in your teens and have designs on the honour of the youngest daughter.
Despite Harry's attempt to regale with us with the technical details of various car engine components a jolly good time was had all round. Harry was decidedly squiffy by the end of the afternoon, which was probably my fault for indulging him in a goodly spot of Isle of Jura single malt.
Back to work tomorrow, so expect the next posting in a few days. (If there's anyone reading...)

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