Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A word (or two) to irresponsible dog owners

Lovely, isn't it?
I walk from Millbrook to Cremyll, and then from Stonehouse to work in central Plymouth on most days. I walk mostly through choice, I could catch the bus, but walking is healthier and more environmentally friendly. I can't drive because I'm partially sighted and the police get upset if I get behind the wheel of a car after feeling my way to it using my white stick.
Dog shit is one of the banes of my life. I can't see it when I'm walking, because of my restricted field of vision. Consequently I usually either run my white stick tip through it (mmmm, nice) or if I'm really unlucky the stick misses it and my shoe finds it.
So, dog owners, this is me asking nicely. Clean up after your dog, please. If you can't be arsed then, frankly, you shouldn't have a dog because you're too fucking lazy to do the job properly. Train the dog to shit off the footpaths and in the undergrowth, and always carry a poop-scoop and a plastic bag with you. It's not rocket science.
And no, I haven't stepped in any just before penning this rant, but I did drag my stick through some in the runnel from New Street to Newport Street just behind the newly built architectural marvel yesterday. I'd like to speak to the dog owner personally, but I don't expect they're proud enough of their turpitude to come forward and let me know who they are.

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