Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And another thing...

I'm definitely out of sorts this morning. I think I got out of bed the wrong side or something, so I think I'll have a good drip in public. Oh God, I've turned into a grumpy middle-aged man.
Yesterday provided an upset by watching the blood-dripping warmonger in the photo marching purposefully through Plymouth Station, presumably en-route to a VERY IMPORTANT meeting in which she would discuss how many more Iraqis and British servicemen she could arrange to have mutilated in an illegal and appallingly executed war. I was saddened to see some of the First station management scrubbed up to the nines and swanning along beside her entourage when any right thinking person would have turned their back in disgust. I'm pleased to say her train was late. (See, I don't only hate Tories).

And then...

Just as I got into the shower this morning, the bloody thing decided to pack up. So I'm writing this in a slight miasma of yesterday's bodily emissions. It's supposedly a top-of-the-range Mira, fitted by professionals. I think that I doubt both of those things at the moment.


And then...

As today is a rest day from work, I walked down to New Road to wave cheerio to Nicky as she set off for work. In the space of less than a minute three cars whizzed past at something in the region of 50mph.

It's a 30 zone for Chrissake. It's a 30 zone because there are lots of pedestrians about. Some of them can't see properly, some are elderly, some are young children.

One was a purplish "modified" hatchback with tinted windows and driven by a moron in a baseball cap. Is the baseball cap now uniform for morons? I do have an opinion on that (oh, quelle surprise). Anyway, I took great pleasure in wandering out in front of him waving the old white stick about and forcing a bit of hard braking. I wonder if he had to change his special Spiderman pattern y-fronts that his Mummy washed for him? I do hope so.

The one in the photo was a few minutes later, and I'd estimate it was doing 40-45mph. That car was driven by a older person, who should know better. I've disguised their number plate to save their blushes, I must be feeling uncommonly kind.
For the mentally challenged amongst us who think that 30mph zones don't apply to them, allow me to explain that the limit is there for the safety of others. Failing to stay within the limit means that you don't care if you hurt others. It means you're arrogant. It makes you look as if you think you're more important than everyone else. If you want to give that impression why not just buy a BMW or a 4x4? You'll still give the impression you're looking to give, but don't necessarily have to endanger others with excessive speed by so doing.

A parish councillor once suggested to me that it is possible to obtain hand held speed guns which can be used by non-uniformed members of the public to track speeding motorists in their area, providing evidence which can be passed over to the Filth, or simply used to show an erring motorist what speed they were doing. I'd volunteer - anyone else?

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