Thursday, December 28, 2006

The blog continues after the Christmas break...

Hello again all. I've not blogged for a few days because there has been a slight festive season engulfing the country and I may have got a bit caught up in it. So, this will have to be a fairly long posting to catch up with what has been happening chez The Millbrooker.

The happy scene shows Nicky enjoying a glass of the red stuff with Jo and her eensie-weensie manfriend, Matt. Matt stayed with us on Christmas eve and attended our once-a-year church outing to All Saints. We enjoyed a jolly good singsong and were once again asked by numerous members of the congregation about whether we might not consider joining the choir? This is because Nicky and the girls can't stop themselves doing the descant on "Oh Come All Ye Faithful". These Christian-wallahs haven't quite sussed that we enjoy the singing, but haven't found God, so attending church more frequently would seem a pointless exercise.
The small elderly one had to go to work on Christmas Day, so he wasn't around for the arrival of Maggie and Trickers (that's the mother-in-law and her other half) at 1230 or so.
After the usual present opening and ridiculously huge lunch (anchovy mousse to start, venison and trimmings, Christmas pud, in case you were interested) Rob enjoyed playing with some magnets that Father Christmas may have been silly enough to leave in his stocking. Blog readers won't have seen Rob featured before - this is because he is largely nocturnal unless he's out playing with welding equipment at Southdown Marina, so we don't see that much of him.
So that was Christmas, and I hope you had fun...(there's a song in there somewhere).

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