Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mark of Friendship Quiz Night (Again)

The winners!

Table 17 emerged as winners last night at the Mark. I'm not currently at home so I can't see what everyone's scores were, but the A2Bers were with us and brought up the rear with their best ever score of 46.

Table 17 is normally made up of John and Sue plus whoever they can rope in. Last night they were joined by Millbrook's very own Cousin Dave who amazed everyone by knowing that Hong Kong Phooey was called "Penrod Pooch" in everyday life.

Don and Shazzer were joined by Maggie and Norman to form "Spitfire MkIV" and led for a while in the early stages but lost a lot of ground on the entertainment section - better luck next time.

Many thanks to all those who were there - 10 teams playing, probably our best turn out ever.

No date yet set for the next one, I need to check my shift pattern through Jan and Feb before I can commit to a definite time. Watch out for posters in The Mark and elsewhere.

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