Sunday, December 17, 2006

Leg End Holidays Christmas Do

The photo shows Adrian Derx, Nicky's boss serving the cheese course at his and Anya's house at the end of a yummy five course feast. Adrian and Annya live in a beautiful house, which is, to be frank, bleeding enormous. Its only disadvantage is that it's in the terminally dull and dismal town of Torpoint, but as we were there during the hours of darkness that didn't matter too much.
The Derx's treated us (and Nicky's colleagues) to a goats cheese starter, stuffed plaice, port & cranberry sorbet, roast duck breast, choccie pudding and a cheese selection, all catered from their own kitchen. They also served up plenty of wine and digestifs.
I suspect that on many levels we wouldn't see eye-to-eye (I don't know, but I suspect they're not great trade unionists or leftists), but as generous hosts and good company I was very pleased to meet them. Let's hope their business venture of Legend Holidays is a success so that Nicky's still with them next year and I can stuff myself silly again! Check out their website, if only to be nosey about the excellent holiday properties they let out:

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