Sunday, December 17, 2006

All Around My Hat...

All together now: "I will wear the green willow, All around my hat, For a-twelve month and a day..."

Folk-rock legends Steeleye Span played the Rum Store on Fri 15th. The chap with the magnificent face fungus is Liam Genocky, Steeleye's drummer (one of those people who hang about with musicians). You can just see Maddy Prior trogging along behind him towards the stage.

Before we went to this gig, I knew two things about Steeleye Span. I knew the chorus to "All Around My Hat" and the refrain of "Gaudete". In the end I wished they'd got those songs out of the way early in the concert, the material that I'd never heard before was SOOO good. Consummate professionals, fabulous musicians, obviously enjoying themselves and very comfortable together on stage, Steeleye Span are so much more than their best known songs. Nicky and I are converts. Auntie Sharon was there too (with us in the audience, not performing) and she kindly acted as driver so that we could make the most of the lovely ale that they serve in the Rum Store.

If you've never been to the venue, it's one of the caverns at Carnglaze just outside Liskeard. The concert space is 50 foot underground in the old slate mine which means it can be a bit chilly, but it's also immensely atmospheric and the acoustics are unrivalled.

It should be pointed out that here is no truth whatever in the rumour that respected Torpoint and Rame solicitor Geoffrey Isaac made undue haste from his seat in the auditorium to secure a place next to Maddy Prior at the interval:

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