Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My mate, Jim, Is In The Movies

Jim's the one in the red football top. He's a tiny bit scouse, but as character faults go that's mostly forgivable.
Jim lives in Surrey with his bro, Jonathon and they've generously hosted us on more than one occasion when we've needed access to London. They're old family friends, their mum was my mum's best friend so we're almost related.
Anyway - the point of this posting:
Jim has been trying for years to get his project off the ground and he seems to have got there. He's directing his own movie (yes, a real one - none of your camcorder crap here) which he's co-written and is also credited with producing. The photo, which I've stolen from his website shows him checking some rushes (or whatever the correct jargon is) on set earlier this year.
Jim sent me some news this week, which is the first time I've heard from him for a while; it's always nice to hear from old buddies. We hope he's going to visit in the new year. So, if you fancy having a look at what the talented chap is up to (even if he does wear Liverpool FC colours), follow the link to http://www.thedivider.com.

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