Monday, December 04, 2006

Stupid O'Clock this week

Posts may be a bit thin on the ground this week because I work shifts and all this week I'm getting up at 03:45 so that I can get to work for 05:00 and open up Plymouth Railway Station's ticket office.

It may have been a mistake going to the Mark of Friendship last night with such an early start this morning, but what the hell - you're a long time dead. Ralphie Winsor was out last night, and was full of the joys of being on broadband, as well as quite full of lager. The photo above is Ralph's work, and features yours truly in the days before my beard got quite so voluminous, and before I had the third eye surgically removed.
Don & Betty Harvey's maid were out too, Don kindly conceded that Cuba does seem to have a very good healthcare system (see posts passim), you never know - there may be hope for him yet.

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