Saturday, January 06, 2007

Check out the lovely furniture

This is a bit of an advertising feature. I've been sorting through this year's Christmas cards, updating the list and boring stuff like that.
We got a card this year from my step-daughter from my first marriage and her husband along with a wee bit of news. It was great to hear from her as we've been largely estranged now for quite a few years; perhaps we'll manage to actually meet up in the coming year.
Anyway, Ellie trained as a woodworker back when I still lived under the same roof as she did and she has now opened her own furniture shop. The stuff looks extremely high quality, so if you are looking for genuinely good wooden furniture check out which has a link to Ellie & Ramzi's ebay shop.
Have a peek, even if you don't want something now - you might after you've looked.

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