Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cousin Dave met Sam

Cousin Dave came around on Sunday for a quickly knocked together evening meal (I played about with a recipe for meatloaf involving lots of capers and beetroot - it was yummy), but before that Nicky,Dave and I ventured out to Rame Head for a pootle along to Penlee Point and back via the Battery and military road.

As can be seen above, Dave was at his handsome best and had dressed up for the occasion. He was curious about the shrub that he's standing next to and was filled with wonder when told it's a mallow. I think he'll be back to collect the sweet sticky, pink and white "fruit" later in the year.

Walking to Penlee,we spotted a herd of deer down by the shoreline, which was a beautiful sight, but whilst my camera's pretty good - they only look like specks on the photos, so here's one of Dave again instead:

Dave had just found a piece of slate which he spent a short while petting before deciding to take it home and call it Sam.

As an ideal end to our potter about, the sun decided to put on one of its damnably decent shows as it wandered over the Atlantic towards America's dawn:

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