Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Economics The Millbrook Way

Shazzer has a grasp of basic economics, but it's probably not a good one to live your life by.
We spent a cosy evening at the ShazPad on Saturday, roaring fire, red red wine (the drink, not the song) and in depth discussion. Well, sort of in-depth. Dong and I argued amiably about general politics and economic theory, in between spotting double-entendres and being rude to one another.
Shazzer displayed her understanding of economic theory by proudly displaying the new shoe collection which she bought whilst away on a course (in shoe-shop clearance, presumably). She is very proud that she's saved £152 by buying 8 pairs of tootsie decoration.
The more astute amongst you will have worked out that she probably didn't need another eight pairs of high-heeled flip-flops, so rather than save money....
However, I'm sure they'll go down a storm over the Bastille Weekend in Trebrivan that we're planning as a foursome (not in the biblical sense, you understand). Bar la Forge in Trebrivan is mostly peopled by a sheltered bunch of agricultural workers who rarely see women without moustaches at all, let alone ones with massive shoe collections and painted toenails - I expect they're all looking forward to the next visit.

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