Saturday, January 13, 2007


Christmas is over, my belly's got so fat,
Please put a penny in Santa's hat...

The photo was a rejected design for this year's Christmas cards. I'm sure all card recipients are very grateful that it was rejected.

Last year's good diet and regular exercise has gone to pot. Time to begin the treadmill of calorie counting again.

However, we've just returned from an excellent steak and chips plus ale at the Mark. Dong put in a brief appearance before charging off into the night to rescue Alex (that's his boy) from being stranded in Torpoint. And we all know that being stranded in Torpoint is, without doubt, a fate worse than death.

Ralphie was there too; most excited about a comet that's apparently huge, but visible only for another couple of days and only at stupid-o-clock in the morning. He told us about it lots.
We'd quite like to see it, but we ain't getting up at the crack of sparrow fart tomorrow to do so. Ralphie promised to email a photo if the skies are clear enough for him to see the damn thing.
I'll publish it if he gets it.

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