Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don Brings a Taste of Hamas

Councillor Wood dropped around last night to share a bottle (three, actually) and indulge in some fine conversation in front of a roaring fire. He was to be sadly disappointed, as the conversation was pretty much the usual nonsense but no less enjoyable for that. Miraculously, we managed an entire three or so hours without disagreeing too vehemently about the way of the world.

The principal part of the evening revolved around a new taste experience for us (and probably for Millbrook as a whole). Dong's sister had presented him with a bottle of Lebanese red (that's wine, not the other stuff known as Red Leb). Once we'd polished off the first bottle of Buzet, the Lebanese offering was ceremoniously opened. With some trepidation the contents were sniffed and finally slurped. And bugger me if it wasn't scrummy. The bottle disappeared to plenty of toasts involving words like "hamas" and "hezbollah". Well done Dong's sis, you have impeccable taste (and a dodgy sibling).

There is one other tremendously exciting piece of news from chez The Millbrooker, but Nicky has forbidden me from talking about it because she says it would be a very sad thing to be excited about so I can't tell you what it is - except to say that we have a new one.

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Anonymous said...

We like your new toy... but you always told us you didn't need a penis extension...!
SBPF and DB.