Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Now, this is going to hurt

It's probably fairly common knowledge that I'm not a fan of Millbrook's very own District Councillor Murray. This has a lot to do with her rampant Toryism and inability to stop droning on and on in a self justifying and grossly irritating manner.
However, and this is really going to hurt, I have just returned from the opening of a Parish Council meeting in which she spoke in the public forum and came over pretty well; giving a verbal report of her Caradon activities without once badmouthing anyone else (normally any Lib Dem she might have happened upon). The report was also quite concise, only 8 or so minutes. She only mentioned the Conservatives once, and that was in passing.
Damn and double blast it, she actually appeared to be mostly human and possibly, just possibly, even capable of doing her job. Maybe she's been to one of those political makeover classes where they teach you to soften your voice and look appropriately sympathetic.
Perhaps the next lesson should be how to not carry a Louis Vuitton handbag in order to avoid the impression of having far too much money (and possibly dubious taste). Oh no, I forgot - that's what Tories do.

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