Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lake Draining

News on the prolonged draining of the lake. I've just had a call from the Environment Agency people to explain what's going on.
The sluice gates had reached a very poor state of repair and are receiving essential maintenance. The inner gate should be ready to be placed back in position at the end of this week or possibly early next and the lake will then be allowed to refill.
Shortly after that, the outer gate will also need to be removed for maintenance work, and the lake will have to be allowed to drain again for approximately a week or ten days.
Naturally, no one can object to essential maintenance being carried out and I'm pleased that someone is on the job (so to speak), but there is a faintly worrying sub-plot. The woman I spoke to told me that the E.A. had informed the Parish Council that this work was about to be carried out. I attended the early part of last night's council meeting and one of the councillors wants me to let him know about the lake draining if/when I find out what's happening! To the best of my knowledge none of the other councillors had any notion that this work was taking place either, so where and when did the communication fail? This case isn't vital or world-changing, but it would be nice to think that information is imparted and distributed properly.

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