Saturday, January 20, 2007

A quickie at the D & C

Matt & Jo stayed last night, so as to be here when Jo's Dad arrived in the morning for a visit (more later). We had a very pleasant pint at the D&C and were accosted by our new long-lost-sister, Leona for a natter. Leona has become our L-L-S through being Ollie's mum and effectively adopting us as family. I did get a photo of Leona, but it's probably the most unflattering one ever taken and so it will simply remain in my archive rather than be published (she hasn't been warned about this blog yet).
Matt did his excellent Ronnie Corbett impression and was much taller sitting down. I note that Matt has started signing himself "SBPF" when he posts a comment on this blog. I think that he thinks this stands for "Small But Perfectly Formed". Interestingly, if you try to pronounce "SBPF" you end up saying "sub-poof". I'm unsure of the significance of this.

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