Sunday, February 11, 2007

About Bray's of Great Malvern

I'll educate the blog-reading masses about The Millbrooker sister and her crew a little later, but I've just got back from the snow and slush covered Great Malvern and a visit to my favourite shop in the whole world: Bray's.

Old BathOnions may remember Colmer's department store. I was only very small when it closed(and was replaced by the never-quite-as-good Owen Owen), but Bray's has the feel that I faintly recall from then. Take a look at the till the lady's using, it's a wind on mechanical job from gawd-knows when, the counter is solid wood. The service is personal and they can't do enough for you. It's fusty; a bit fuddy-duddy and sells high quality kit to discerning Millbrookers. Think "Are You Being Served" and staff calling each other to fetch something or check if "sir" is happy - it really is a positive delight, and nowhere near as expensive as you might imagine. Although I fear that I may have spent a small fortune on some fine new duds in which to impress the masses at the Mark of Friendship.

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