Friday, February 09, 2007

Up to the frozen North

The Millbrooker and Mrs The Millbrooker are off at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning to Great Malvern to celebrate Martyn's fiftieth birthday, so there won't be any postings for a couple of days.

You can expect some photos and drivelling about snow and pretty countryside on Monday or Tuesday. There might possibly be a mention of the world's most wonderful gentleman's outfitters, Brays of Great Malvern if I get to pay them a visit as well.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a thought for the weekend:

"The best things in life are hairy" (copyright Mike Harding circa 1976).

1 comment:

BathNick said...

Hi there, Just checked your quote. Google has Mel Hague as the writer of 'The best things in life are hairy' and there's a clip at on - A real hoot - Laughed my socks off. Cheers.