Wednesday, February 14, 2007


What have we here? A pleasant, if slightly shabby entrance path to a fairly ordinary terraced house in Millbrook. It's chez The Millbrooker, as it happens.

Take a look at the very bottom of the photo. What's that brown blob on the yellow line directly underneath the step from the path onto Newport Street? What are those similar looking brown blobs by the water main cover to the left?

Oh, quelle surprise, it's dogshit.

Some self-centred, unthinking, wanker of a dog owner either let their foul smelling mangy creature loose to do its business without supervision in which case they're lazy as well as the descriptions above. Or worse, they actually watched as the fleabitten shitbag crapped where it would almost undoubtedly get trodden on and then just left it there. That makes them bastards of the first order.

It's behaviour like this that gives a bad name to all dog owners. If you can't or won't control the creature then for fuck's sake give it to the dogs' home where it won't bother the rest of us because you're not fit to keep it yourself.

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