Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me head's cold

The Millbrooker clan and many good friends assembled at the Mark of Friendship last night for Santa's last ho ho ho.

Amongst others, Uncle Frank made it over from Plymouth along with his lovely other half the irrepressible Auntie Sheila. Cousin Dave's boy, Tom, made the journey over from darkest Efford. All of the immediate Millbrooker Mob were there (an unusual occurrence in itself). Thanks are also due to Shazzeroonypoos, Lynny and Orca Meeson and all those who made the trek to the 'Ark for the occasion.

More than one regular imbiber dug into their pocket to up the sponsorship pot, and although we have yet to count the exact amount it looks as if Cousin Dave (in the largest part) and yours truly (a decent enough effort, if I say so myself) have raised in excess of a thousand (yes that's £1000!) spondoolies to help the tremendous work that St Luke's Hospice does.

It's not too late to make a donation - PLEASE. just click on the link and you can donate as much or a little as you see fit.

A huge thank you to all those generous souls who've flung money at us. A separate thank you to Uncle Frank for donating one of his original paintings which was auctioned and won by Lynny (to be fair she was the only bidder, but was most generous with her bid). Another thank you to David Rosson for being such a good sport and doing the dreadful deed to Cousin Dave and me. Last, but not least, our grateful thanks to Jenny at the 'Ark for hosting us, for making a generous personal donation and for providing a really yummy buffet.

The door had a wonderful barber's "open" sign as we entered. First we had to do the "before" photos. Father Christmas had an unusually large little boy on his knee. I might add that Cousin Dave has a very hot bottom. He'd had his hair done a lovely shade of pink which didn't make him look like a big girl's blouse at all.

Cousin Dave was first up for Dave "Slasher" Rosson's tender ministrations.Then it was my turn, my lovely lovely beard was to be no more. The eyebrows went for £40. I think I'll let the photos tell the rest of the tale.

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