Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Millbrooker Film Club

Apparently Don likes to check out this blog in order to find out where he's been.
On Saturday just gone, Don attended the inaugural evening of the Millbrooker film club with his bonny wee starlet Shazzer. He told her quite strictly, however, that they mustn't treat the place like the back row of the Odeon.
It's not really a proper film club, it's just that Nicky and I have signed up to a postal DVD library which means we get three movies a month from a (very long) list of titles that we've presented the library with. Rather than be dull stay-at-homes glued to the box, we decided it would make a decent enough evening if we invited a couple of friends around to slurp some wine and watch a movie once in a while. So that's what we did.
First up - Trainspotting. I guess most of you will have seen it. For those who haven't - it's a pretty good one. Fast paced, deeply unpleasant in places, mildly comedic on others. It richly deserves its 18 certificate so don't leave it lying around for the juniors to see. It does also feature the single funniest moment in cinema history (even when you've seen it for the third time), but then my sense of humour probably isn't the most sophisticated.
We did invite Keith along too, but we still haven't got his phone number (there's a hint there, Keith) and he didn't see the email invite until too late. Ah well, next time. If all goes well we should be goggling at Kenneth Branagh's "Much Ado About Nothing" in the near future.

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