Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Subversives At Large In Millbrook

Last night The Millbrooker found himself infiltrating a dangerous and subversive secret organisation within Millbrook itself. A revolutionary bunch of desperadoes dedicated to the overthrow of the democratic state and its replacement with radical librarians.
OK, I exaggerate. It was book-circle night (a monthly occurrence which Nicky and I have missed out on for a few months because we've been too busy with other things).
The crowd hasn't changed in line up very much (if at all) since we last showed our faces, and Rose Widdicombe was the genial host as we nosed around her home and discussed Joanne Harris's latest offering "Gentlemen and Players". A good enough effort, very narrative driven. As with all of her stuff to date the literary style is low to middle brow, but well enough done not to irritate (wow, I'm such a snob). It's a ripping good yarn with a (moderately obvious) sting in the tail at the denouement. I think the general consensus was that the book was ok, not brilliant; that the plot worked provided you don't try to examine it too closely and that it may well have been written with a film deal firmly in mind.
This month's book is "The Leopard" by Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (something of a classic, I believe). If anyone who reads this blog is interested the Millbrook Soviet for the Destruction of Society and Reading Nice Books would welcome new blood (especially blokes - I'm the only one), just read the book (or part of it anyway) and come to the next meeting (add a comment or email me for details).

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