Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dave does clambering

A flying visit to Cousin Dave's pad to inspect his waterworks resulted in him clambering into his loft to fetch the backpack that he borrowed from Nicky A YEAR AGO. Alongside the overdue luggage was the piece of ivy that Nicky is brandishing in the photo.

It's real ivy, not a piece of Ollie's Ivy obviously. We'll be using it as a decorative piece over in Brittany. Dave found it at Plymbridge woods (high in the depths of the wood, as he put it - spot the contradiction in terms), plunged it into a bleach bath and it's a cracking bit of natural sculpture.

Nicky's colleague Linda has mentioned that she thinks Dave is a bit of a looker. I have offered her the use of my white stick until she can get her own.

I do think Dave was looking particularly graceful as he all but plummeted from his loft hatch. To finish this piece here's an image of Dave's feet as he disappeared into the maw of his upper regions:

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