Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great White Hunters

Last night saw the inaugural and much vaunted Safari Supper. The chap mostly responsible for bullying us all into taking part is seen above offering his celebration of Wales's victory over England in the 6 nations which happened on that self same evening. Tony is, of course, actually a true blue England man, but he seemed happy enough waving a daffodil about.

We began the evening with canapes and kir at the top end of the village in Lynny and Richie's abode before all donning our outdoor gear and trooping of to Tony and Sue's pad for the starter.

Tony had prepped up some scrummy mulligatawny soup and Sue had made some carrot and coriander soup (which I didn't try, but I'm reliably informed was also scrumptious).

Dong and Richie were proud to display their thinning pates as we had a drinkie or two whilst Tony heated up the soup.
Thence, onwards to chez The Millbrooker for mains. By this time, we had become quite merry with the assorted glasses of vino-mucho-collapso (and Guinness in Norman's case). We guzzled my cassoulet and lots more wine as the conversation dipped slightly below the belt line (this may have been Maggie's fault as she told us stories of artificial spunk-like lubricant which she deals with for a living). We were rescued in the lack-of-ladle department by Sue & Maggie lending us theirs which they proudly brandished as we made ready to trog down to Dong's house for pudding.

Shazzerooneypoos had made up a couple of lovely puds for us to enjoy at Dong's place - a banoffi pie and a lime tort which we stuffed into our faces washed down with some pretty decent pudding wine. By now, we might have all been a tad tipsy - and there was still coffee and liqueurs to go.

After Dong's we tripped gaily up New Street to Maggie and Norman's where most of us were far too full to manage the smashing looking stilton they'd laid on, but I made a brave affort at demolishing some of the chocolate covered fruits. The portions of Drambuie and Calvados were generous in the extreme and this may have prompted Dong to attempt a chorus or two in his inimitable style. The absence of supporting singers meant the key might have wavered a little, but Nicky did help him out on singing one-o and two-o and on and on.

Eventually it all got a bit much for Lynny who ended the evening in the traditional manner by dropping off to sleep before being assisted home by the ever attentive Orca.A terrific evening and a big thank you to everyone; there was a lot of effort put in by all. We had a genuinely fun evening and are looking forward to the next one.

Hic, burp, fart, poop.

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