Sunday, March 04, 2007

An evening in Looe

Nicky's step-mum, Rosemary, invited us over to her place for dinner and drinks on Friday; there was an extra enticement as well: a nearly new dishwasher up for grabs. The dishwasher is currently residing in the back of our car prior to installation.

To the left, Julie prepares to tuck into her bird's nest soup. Yes, it is a real bird's nest; no she didn't really eat it. The serving up of such a delicacy is typical of Harry's sense of humour.

Rosemary & Harry have just returned from a week at our pad in Brittany, and apparently had some difficulty with the electrics, the trip switch being a little temperamental. But as Rosemary said, once Harry had fiddled with it a bit and pushed a few times it got firmer and seemed to work fine.

We were also regaled with Harry's tale of shipwreck on Looe Island, which seemed to involve two elderly and eccentric ladies dressing assorted fishermen up in black leotards. Never a dull moment in Rosemary and Harry's company, as you will have guessed.

It was great to catch up with Nicky's step-bro, David, who was on excellent form and also with Penny (Nicky's step-sis) with whom I enjoy a good argument about almost everything because I don't think we actually agree on even the tiniest matter - she's very easy to wind up, just by mentioning unions - so needless to say, I feel obliged to mutter about employment rights and leftist uprisings as often as possible. She had a good time metaphorically thumping the table and proclaiming that "...Thatcher [was the] best thing that ever happened to this country." Yes, yes and Idi Amin did wonders for Uganda, too.

A jolly good evening, and thank you to our hosts for keeping the wine flowing and giving us a bed for the night afterwards.

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