Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I know, I know...he's bloody going on again

I won't mention ID cards or the national database again for at least a week, honest.
March 26th is "ID-Day". I'll be away so will miss the various demonstrations around the country, but there is a little something we can all do...
The No2Id campaign is asking sympathisers to upload a photo of themselves to be used in a demonstration of "I am a person, not a number". Photos submitted will count as a pictorial petition - let's show the government how many of us dislike what they're up to on this issue by sending them a photo - it only takes a few minutes if you've got a broadband connection. If you prefer you can text them a photo from your 'phone. The photo will be anonymous (as it should be considering the point of the campaign) but NO2Id may use it on its own or in combination with others for publicity purposes.
Log onto http://www.no2id.net/getInvolved/id-day.php/ to upload a photo. (This will go live in a day or two - so try at the weekend)
To use your phone, follow these steps (copied from NO2ID website):
1) Take a photo of your face (or of anyone who wants to join in) with your camera phone, and choose 'Send'.
2) VERY IMPORTANT: add the word no2id to the body text of the message or - if your phone allows you to - in the 'Subject' line of the message.
3) Send the message to 60300
4) If successful, you will receive a message back saying: "Thank you for supporting ID-Day. You have been charged 35p." This is NOT a fund-raising exercise, so we have kept the call charge to an absolute minimum.
The first public display of faces will be in the media on ID-Day itself and at events across the UK.
Go on, do it now. You know you want to.

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