Friday, March 30, 2007

Last post from France

Monday meant Morlaix and a visit to Creperie Les Meloines where they serve yummity scrummity petoncles as shown above. Food miles? What are food miles? These travel food yards, having been grown in the Baie de Morlaix. It's a messy way to eat, but fingers were invented before knives and forks, so what the hell. Nicky can't do seafood, and enjoyed an omelette; Dozybean and SBPF tucked in to petoncles, but only one of our number felt the need to be minutely neat in stacking the used shells....

Onwards to the House of Pendulous Orbs (or some similar name) to inspect the ancient architecture of Morlaix. I think it passed muster, we'll allow it a B+ for effort.

Monday was our last full day, so EarMatt felt it incumbent on himself to demonstrate his ability to lap cream whilst looking stoned during our brief visit to Carantec for a warming Chocolat Chaud:

Tuesday saw us frantically trying to clean the house through because we've got people staying there in a couple of days' time before driving to Roscoff for lunch and the vitally important business of throwing stones into the water. EarMatt and yours truly allowed the womenfolk to watch as we performed the delicate task of finding the largest rock we could before launching it into the channel.

We returned to Blighty loaded to the gunwhales with wine and smelly cheeses and are only just readjusting to Millbrookian more about local stuff and my usual rantings anon. In the meantime, I must share one of the highlights of the weekend; no trip to Brittany is complete without a sighting of of of Norbert Dentressangle's finest:

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