Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Been away from these shores

All aboard the extortionately expensive Brittany Ferries crossing to Roscoff last Thursday night; hence the shortage of blog entries for a few days. Rural Brittany is a bit short of wireless networks to tap into and we haven't got a phone line at Le Bout de Sac.

The photo above shows yours truly, Dozybean and EarMatt toasting our first glass of decent cider on board the Pont L'Abbaye. For the uninitiated, EarMatt is a traditional Breton drinking cry meaning something like "cheers" or "bottoms up". It's also, conveniently, a new name for Dozybean's lesser short-legged man-friend, shown here sporting his spring plumage.

We spent a lazy day on the Friday. mooching around Le Bout de Sac and getting in supplies from Le Clerc. EarMatt proved to be a dab hand at handling oversized leeks. Perhaps there's Welsh blood there somewhere.

On Saturday we revisited the ever-lovely Huelgoat and walked through the forest up to Camp d'Artus. Including all the usual visits en-route to various caves and watercourses.

The birdlife was abundant and very active with a preponderance of nuthatches high in the trees. Needless to say, our pathetic attempts to make the famed Roche Tremblante do its tremblanting met with abject failure.

A yummy dinner at Ty Gwechall creperie in Carhaix followed, and then we did a fair bit of drinking.

Sunday saw us tramping over Les Landes de Locarn to the Gorge du Corong in somewhat inclement weather - Brittany gets even wetter than Cornwall quite frequently.
Steve at Bar la Forge was his usual ebullient self, and he had the presence of mind to offer EarMatt a chair to stand on when he wanted to play table-football. The offer was gently refused.
I'll have to catch up on Monday and Tuesday's antics later coz I haven't downloaded the photos yet.
Ah, well back to work.

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