Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Adventures of Rob (Vol II)

In preparation for his adventure exploring California and attending a three day rock festival somewhere in Governor Schwarzenegger's state, Rob has decided that green would be the most suitable and harmonious colour to sit upon his bonce.
He's off this morning to Cardiff where he's going to see a concert tonight featuring Deep Purple (only 35 years past their sell-by-date), Thin Lizzy (about the same and slightly short of a well-known front man) and some other load of pensionable strummers (the name escapes me).
Tomorrow morning at stupid o'clock he'll be at Heathrow to jet off to LAX to attend the Coachella festival (he's desperate to see Rage Against The Machine, also slightly past their sell-by-date). In the unlikely event that any reader wants to know any more about Coachella, here's a link where you can find the line up etc.
The idea is then to return via Dublin (gawd knows what super-annuated string-pluckers he's planning to see there, but I'm sure he'll tell anyone who's daft enough to ask).
"Bon Voyage" to Rob and I must say we're looking forward to a week and a bit of being able to sit in the kitchen (directly under his bedroom) without incessant bass rumbling from his speakers through his floor-joists and into our consciousness.

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