Friday, April 27, 2007

Cheers to all the comrades

Thursday just gone saw the final day of the course I've been attending each Thursday since January, so as is traditional on such occasions the attendees trooped off to a nice little eatery.

Everyone in the photo is without doubt a menace to poor managers and the bane of rip-off merchant employers everywhere having learnt loads and loads about employment law, employee rights, negotiation and collective bargaining....

A special mention to the blonde lady slurping her latte at the head of table, Jannetja Longyear. She was our tutor. What she doesn't know about employment law and rights isn't worth knowing. There are few major demonstrations or disputes that she's not had some hand in in the last few decades. I'm a fan. (Useless and pointless trivia, she's also the sister of Barry B Longyear, Sf novelist and winner of the Nebula Award, the Hugo Award and the John W. Campbell, Jr. Award all in the same year).

Farewell, and good agitating to my comrades in the struggle - I hope to see them again soon.

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