Wednesday, April 04, 2007

BathNIck enters the blogosphere

Regular readers of the piffle that I have the temerity to publish on this blog (I know there's one or two of you, I've checked my hit counter) may have noticed a couple of references to BathNick. He's an old family friend hailing from, surprise surprise, Bath. I've just discovered that he's opened his own blog in which to rant and snarl at the world as well as share his odd thoughts (and some will be pretty odd) with us.

You can find BathNick's blog at

He hasn't got any photos on there yet - so here's what the old boy looks like (he's the larger of the two in the photo):

As a special treat for Millbrookers, Nick and his lovely lady Zena will be paying us a visit over Easter and will doubtless help us to frequent one or two of the local hostelries. See you there.

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