Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The case of the missing dustbin

Is there a very strange thief at large in Millbrook?

I only ask because our dustbin has gone walkies from the front of our house. It disappeared sometime between Monday night at about nine o'clock (when Nicky put some rubbish out) and 8 o'clock Tuesday. The bin men hadn't been around by then (it's a Wednesday collection here) - so where's it gone?
That's the missing article in the photo on the left.

The contents could hardly be said to be interesting. Unless someone has a passion for Dozybean's old knickers (there's been something of a room-clearout going on), some rancid cat food and assorted bits of non-recyclable crap.

Should anyone be offered a lidless, grey plastic dustbin at the pub by a dodgy looking character or if you spot the same up for sale on ebay, please let us know. It had great sentimental value as it may have once belonged to Lonnie Donnegan's old man.

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