Monday, April 30, 2007

Film Club Meets Again

The film we got from Amazon this week was "Brokeback Mountain" which Keith didn't fancy seeing, nor did Rob (although as he's in Los Angeles at the moment, he doesn't count). Shaz wasn't really up for that one, and Don wasn't at the last film evening. So Nicky & I watched it on our own during the week. I thought it one of the most moving, emotional films I've seen in recent years - the storyline is nothing new: two people in love who cannot be together and who marry other partners and live separate but linked lives. The scenery is gorgeous, the acting sublime and the direction a superb example of Ang Lee's light-touch. A beautifully told story of people damaged by upbringing, societal pressures and personal inadequacy.

However - we liked Pan's Labyrinth so much that we bought a copy, and the film club met to view that one last night. I won't review the film - I did that back in March; you can see that by scrolling to the bottom of the blog and clicking on "older posts". I found it as disturbing and as shocking as I did on the first viewing, as did Nicky. I think everyone else was quite affected by it, too. It's a moderately long film and Dong stayed throughout the whole thing without nipping out for a quick fag - it must be gripping stuff.

As is usual, we indulged our affection for the fruits of the vine into the late evening, and happily chomped on Tabasco olives and milk chocolate (thank you, Dong and Keith respectively).

Shazzer tottered about on her subtle and understated new footwear, a pair bought during her demonstration of Sharonomics which also featured some time ago on these very pages. For everyone's delight and amusement, here are the classy articles in question:

There, I hope that this posting is timely enough for the Land Registry people who check this blog to enjoy at lunchtime.

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