Sunday, April 29, 2007

ID Cards - the candidates' responses

Candidates come out against the Surveillance Society!
Readers who've stuck with this frequent rabbiting on of mine may remember that I sent out a questionnaire to all of the candidates standing for Millbrook in the district council elections.
Steven MacIntosh (Lib Dem) has not replied, so we don't know what his views are. The Lib Dems are as a whole against ID cards and the National Security Register, but Mr MacIntosh apparently can't manage to use an email to respond to a constituent. Take from that what you will.
The other two, Julie Elworthy and Sheryll Murray have replied and here are their thoughts:
First Sheryll Murray...
"Dear Mr Roberts,
Thank you for your email sent to my Caradon Council address.I am responding from my personal computer because I am not permitted to use Council equipment for election purposes.In response to you questions :

Do you support plans for a Home Office agency to track the life-history of every person over the age of 16 resident in your ward? NO I do not
Do you support expenditure of your authority's funds on integrating council computer systems with the Home Office identity management databases and 'verification charges' for council services? NO I do not
Two dozen local authorities, the Welsh and London Assemblies and the Scottish Parliament have passed motions opposing the National Identity Scheme. If elected, will you vote for/oppose/abstain on such a motion? VOTE OPPOSE
Please add any comments you may have:
I am against ID cards.The facts are clear:ID cards won't prevent terrorist attacksID cards won't prevent illegal immigration ID cards won't prevent identity fraud ID cards won't prevent human trafficking ID cards give the State too much personal data in one place. If that isn't bad enough, ID cards will cost each of us £93!!
with best wishes
Sheryll Murray"
And then Julie Elworthy...
"Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your email, Interesting !!!!

1) No I do not support the idea of having the home office tracking the life of anyone over the age of 16, but I do believe anyone who has a passport is tracked already.Perhaps every one should have a passport from birth???

2) I feel that enough of our well earned tax payers money is already wasted in admin so I do not support our money going into an identity scheme. I would prefer the money to be spent locally on local projects.

3) The majority of people I have spoken to on this particular subject do not wish this to happen. So I feel that if elected I would oppose this scheme .

I personally do not like the BIG Brother attitude, we are supposed to live in a DEMOCRATIC society!!
Hope this answers your questions it may or may not be what you wished to hear.
Julie Elworthy"
So there we have it - a full house of anti-ID candidates. Why won't the government listen?

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