Saturday, April 14, 2007

Low Turnout Film Night

Time was running out for returning the Tim Burton / Johnny Depp effort "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to Amazon DVD so Nicky and I settled down with Rob and took in the movie as a threesome. Apologies to anyone who really wanted to see this one - but you didn't miss much in my humble (?) opinion.

I'm a bit of a fan of Tim Burton's work: Ed Wood is a stunner; Edward Scissorhands is a work approaching genius. This, however, is not even close to the same league.
It's a fairly gruesome retelling of the old Ichabod Crane story involving a headless horseman creating mayhem in a tiny town in Pennsylvania. Johnny Depp's performance was at best moderate and almost entirely unconvincing. The attempt at fairytale like settings looked laboured (a shame - Burton has often excelled at this sort of thing).
It boasts a stellar cast of fine and talented actors including Christopher Walken, Richard Griffiths, Miranda Richardson and Christina Ricci. Sadly their skills are wasted by simply being required to mug away within two-dimensional characters.
Even the denouement was a bit of a disappointment being blatantly obvious in both its outcome and corny to the extreme in its execution.
All in all, I'm quite glad we didn't waste anyone else's time with this one.

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