Sunday, April 15, 2007

Safari Supper Paparazzi'd

A mysterious paparazzo spotted some local celebrities performing the hokey-cokey as a prelude to their Safari Supper and took this telephoto shot to sell to the tabloids.

They have been caught in the act of putting the right arm in, just a milli-second or so before putting the right arm out again.

Sadly the Millbrooker and Mrs The Millbrooker couldn't join their celeb chums for the evening's festivities as Mrs The Millbrooker was suffering from a decidedly dicky tummy. But best wishes were sent both ways across the valley - from chez the Millbrooker that everyone had a good time and Auntie Sharon phoned after canapes to wave the party's greetings back.

Later on, after the party dancing routine revealed above, the group were joined by a mystery man in a very bright shirt sporting a monstrous comb-over.
Heat magazine will be disappointed, perhaps devastated, to have lost this scoop to The Daily(ish) Millbrook - the greatest online Millbrook news-source of them all!

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