Thursday, April 12, 2007

The New Look Parish Council

The returning officer has sent out the results of the forthcoming election of Millbrook Parish Council.
As there were insufficient nominations for election, the council posts are simply filled automatically by those who were nominated.
Sadly, there have been some retirements from the ranks of the good burghers of the parish; the estimable Piers Taylor is no longer to grace the meetings with his chairmanship skills and the long serving Carol Cooke has decided that 25 years service is quite sufficient (after all you get less time for murder sometimes).
The full list of those who will form the new council will be published formally by the clerk in short order. There's only eight of them so if anyone thinks they could make a decent fist of helping to oil the wheels of administration in Millbrook - there's five more places up for grabs by being co-opted. Just write a letter of application to the clerk at the village hall. Obviously one or two people might not be welcomed with open arms - but on the whole applications would probably be welcomed; Richie Meeson, Keith Bousfield take note!
Perhaps when she's lost her seat at Caradon and failed to topple Colin Breed, the Hounster Harpy might think about applying (that should make for interesting meetings as everyone falls asleep during her interminable ramblings).

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