Thursday, April 12, 2007

A welcome back to BathNick

Wendy toddled off back to Frome on Sunday morning; Nicky and I had about an hour and a half to give the guest room a quick once-over and to vacuum up the cat hairs (again) from the sitting room before our old mucker BathNick and his lovely lady Zena arrived for a flying visit.

We lunched well at the D&C - Russell and Mark coming up trumps yet again with an excellent meal at a ludicrously low price (the griddled duck breast was particularly good). Cousin Dave joined the party and was his usual very sensible self:.

After the face-filling we waddled gently up the road to Kingsand for a spot of arsing about on the beach (above).
A pleasant evening was spent at the Mark where we met up with the usual suspects to share a beer or three. Dong and BathNick got on famously discussing the relative merits of assorted steam engines and other railway lore. I was a bit concerned that they might become life partners and breed a legion of little gricers.
BathNick, Zena and the sozzled pair from The Piper's Cottage then decided it would be a good idea to crack open the bottle of Jura single malt and talk bollocks for an hour or two before finally collapsing for the night.
Monday meant a return to work for me, but I'm told that BathNick and Zena walked up to Whitsand and in the evening a couple of bottles of decent bordeaux slipped gently down the pink-slide to their doom and our pleasure. The umpteen-year-old Stolychnya took a pounding as well (Zena's a bit of a vodka fan).
So that was Easter - and I hope you had fun. Another year over, a new one....

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BathNick said...

Hi Josh, Found this on 'gricers' which seems pretty definitive. Thanks to Nicky for a picture well shot. PS Thanks for a couple of great days. We'll try not to leave it so long next time.