Sunday, April 08, 2007

New to Millbrook

It was one of those out-of-the-blue and last-minute things. Nicky's old mucker Wendy called and invited herself for a couple of nights after an eight year hiatus.
Nicky & Wendy have known each other since childhood and spent their respective adolescences in much nefarious activity involving oily motorbikes and smelly young men.
Wendy is seen here in the classic "first visit to Millbrook" position of posing in front of the view from the top of Maker Lane. Nicky also took her around Kingsand and Cawsand and they enjoyed a lunch out at The Old Boat Store.
I had to work through much of the visit which was a shame, Wendy proved to be very good company and I enjoyed listening to the reminiscences of old mates.
We managed Friday night out at the Mark and then the D&C where Wendy met the Brennans. Pleased to say Paul was in fine fettle and has gained an enviable paunch since giving up the evil weed.
Also at the D&C that evening was a returned hostage from Iran being happily fussed over by friends and family. I did share the urinal with him at one point in the evening, and I'd like to testify that he's the same size as everyone else. Any anti-war or other political points aside, one can only be happy that the young men and woman have returned unharmed.
Wendy has just set off for home in Frome and we're awaiting the arrival of BathNick and a Sunday lunch at the D&C. More anon...

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