Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nicky's new job

No, Nicky hasn't got a job doing professional waving, although she's doubtless talented enough to do so.
Her days at Leg End Holidays came to an end at the beginning of this month and since then she's been freelancing as an administrator for local business people. This photo shows her arriving to assist on a project for a VIP client who runs his interweb stuff from Tregonhawke cliffs.
The rates are very reasonable - so anyone who might need a helping hand with accounting, filing, database maintenance, general office work etc etc - please do get in touch. No job too small, not many jobs too big!
Whilst I'm on the commercial - there's a new link on the right of this page to; I've joined their associates which means I get a few pennies (and it is a few) from any sale that is generated by someone visiting their site via this link. So, if you're going to buy anything from amazon - why not get to their site via the link? It'll cost you nothing more, and it might mean I can buy another round next time I see you down the 'Ark of Friendship.

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