Saturday, May 19, 2007

Skate Park Fundraiser

Last night saw some of the village's younger inhabitants presenting a quiz night at the football club, attracting some of the well known local quizzers.

The evening began in a slightly chaotic fashion as Doug Reid (in the photo on the right) struggled with assorted technical problems and a running order of questions that was somewhat fluid in its make-up. Good humour prevailed throughout the quiz teams and with a couple of fits and starts, the questioning began in earnest with a young fellow called Matthew using the microphone to great effect during his interrogation of the assembled players.

The main focus of the evening was raising funds towards the Millbrook Skate Park Project, and showing community involvement to impress grant-giving authorities. Well done to the young people and thank you to the slightly older helpers who made the evening possible.

It was the first time I'd played in a quiz team for probably twenty years; I like to think I'm alright at compiling them, but actually answering questions isn't my forte. Mrs The Millbrooker and I teamed up with Cousin Dave, Auntie Sharon, Sue Westwell and John Stubberfield (the latter being eternal quiz winners "Table 17") to form "Team Icarus"; we managed a decent enough third place. The eventual winners, who struggled through with an impressive knowledge of astrology was Geoff Moore and Olly Bond's team (the team name escapes me, sorry guys) - but here they all are in their victory celebration.

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