Saturday, May 19, 2007

The story of a meal

Mrs The Millbrooker thinks I should publish a series of photos depicting yours truly at a lovely meal in La Rondes des Mets in Carhaix Plougeur recently. I might have, ahem, accidentally chosen the longest and most expensive menu available, and it might have been a bit piggy. Mrs The Millbrooker sensibly chose something a tad less challenging and is consequently several stone lighter than me.

The whole lot was merrily washed down with a decently large carafe of house red; Mrs The Millbrooker being the driver had a couple of small glasses.

Starter number one:

Scallops in a filo parcel,

with mussels and prawns and lots of bread.

I'm feeling quietly confident.

Starter number two, Salade Perigourdine
featuring lots of delicious dead creatures and
a teensy bit of lettuce and an inclusive (extra) glass
of wine. Hooray, I'm enjoying this.

A frighteningly alcoholic sorbet,
swimming in Calvados.

A bit sozzled after the sorbet, time for scrummity
piece de bouef. Getting full up now.

Hmm, cheese.
I can do this, really I can.

Oh, my poor fat tummy, it's pudding and it's something chocolatey

I fear I may have become a tiny bit stout. Hic, burp, fart, poop.

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