Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Film of the century

Dong and Sharon came around for what is rapidly becoming a Sunday tradition - the weekly film.

This week we had the dubious pleasure of Roger Vadim's "Barbarella". Originally released in 1968 (I think) and very much of its time: a myriad psychedelic colours, hippy-dippy free-love in soft focus soft porn and not much of a plot line to speak of. We enjoyed it immensely, probably because it is so bad.

It's always a pleasure, of course, to see a young Jane Fonda wearing very few clothes and Anita Pallenberg was also drop-dead-gorgeous in a succession of skimpy outfits. The film also features amongst others French mime legend Marcel Marceau.

The special effects are truly special in that "I can see the strings" sort of way and I think they were done by the well known Bodgitt, Breakitt and Leggit Effects Company.

So, let's think up a few adjectives for Barbarella. Ridiculous, silly, cheap, two dimensional, badly acted, poorly scripted. I could probably go on, but the fact is that it's recognised (somehow) as something of a classic and I did enjoy giggling my way through its sheer ludicrousness.

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