Friday, June 15, 2007

Update on Gigspanner

I was very pleased to get an e-mail from Deborah who is Peter Knight's partner after she stumbled upon this blog a few days ago. Peter, Roger Flack and Vincent Salzfaas are collectively known as "Gigspanner" - some of you will have read my previous posting encouraging mass ticket buying for their gig at Kingsand on 29th June.

I won't blether on for hours again, suffice to offer up a link to Roger Flack's website which has a brief biog and history of the band.

This will be their first gig outside the southeast; apparently they recently went down a storm at a festival in Rye.

So - if you haven't got a ticket, get one now:

Lastly, from the email that Deborah sent to me, some Millbrookers (you can move away, but Millbrook will never leave you) in Sydney have been sent a link - I hope you enjoy my endless drivelling and that you're still "living the Millbrook way" as the song has it.

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